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Updated: Aug 5, 2019

These last few years, many of us have watched our culture develop a sad and dark view on the Sanctity of Life. Some have passed laws allowing late-term abortions up to birth, others have tried to prevent people with genetic defects like Down Syndrome from even being born, while others have worked tirelessly to suppress the speech and freedoms of faith-based ministries like Caring Families. 

National data shows that one in four women in the USA has experienced an abortion and as many as half have been victims of sexual abuse or sexual assault.  Past abortions and sexual abuse can be linked to future abortions. These numbers are true both inside and outside the faith community, yet abortion and sexual abuse are rarely talked about within the church.  How can a church burdened by guilt, shame and bondage bring healing to a broken community? Silence within the church contributes to the social acceptance of abortion and may condemn another generation to the pain and suffering it causes.

We can often feel helpless not knowing how we can stand up for life and make a difference in our churches and communities. All of us at Caring Families would like to help and support you in making that difference!

We have recently partnered with Abortion Anonymous (AbAnon) and Sexual Abuse Victims Anonymous (SAVAnon) to continue to bring healing and transformation to Eastern Connecticut. The purpose of AbAnon/SAVAnon is to create awareness regarding the emotional harm caused by abortion and sexual abuse and to provide a path to healing for those affected.

Caring Families will be offering a 2-hour training to equip local “Champions” with the tools necessary to begin intentional conversations within their churches, school, and communities regarding abortion and sexual abuse/assault. Practically, you will be prepared to connect your church and community to our life-affirming services. Long term, you could be a catalyst bringing hope, encouraging churches and communities to break the silence and begin healing!

AbAnon/SAVAnon are needed additions to the life-affirming services Caring Families provides. Together, we can reach schools, communities, and churches in a new way, sharing the hope and healing of Christ with Christians and non-Christians!

The Champion training will be held Friday, August 9 from 6-8pm at the Women’s Center of Eastern CT 986 Main Street, Willimantic.

To RSVP or for more information contact Veronica at or call 860-786-1124.


AbAnon is a community of women and men who recognize and desire recovery from the emotional pain caused by abortion. Members participate in a free, 8-week recovery program that involves weekly, gender-specific, small group meetings facilitated by post-abortive leaders. Participants talk about their abortion story, Post Abortion Stress Syndrome, their unborn child, relationships, coping methods, guilt and shame, God and faith, forgiveness and healing.

SAVAnon is led by survivors of sexual abuse or sexual assault. In a safe environment of mutually agreed upon confidentiality, participants have an opportunity to process PTSD, repression and dissociation, personal stories, emotional pain, relationships, healing, faith, and next steps. These groups are designed to be open to anyone, regardless of their faith or lack of faith.

AbAnon and SAVAnon are evangelistic but not religious, each program involves the discussion of God, faith, and forgiveness. Both are built around the stories of people who have experienced abortion or sexual trauma, and most stories feature faith in their narrative. This curriculum is different from some of the other Post Abortion Support groups used, as it is not a Bible Study. It is, however, perfect to use with someone that may not be a Christian and can begin to introduce truth of Christ to its participates.

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