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A Message from Our Executive Director

Dear Friends,

Over the last month there has been an uptick in vandalism and attacks against pregnancy centers, pro-life organizations and churches. You may have heard about the fire bombs to a Pro-Life office in Wisconsin and rece

ntly a pregnancy center in Buffalo. Sadly, there have been many more events like these and for the most part have gone under or unreported by the media.

These attacks started with the leaking of the upcoming Supreme Court decision that could either redefine Roe v Wade or possibly overturn it. In addition to the recent assassination attempt on a Court Justice, organizations like ANTIFA and Jane's Revenge have promised and delivered violence against Pregnancy Centers and the churches who support them. The phrase "if abortion isn't safe, you aren't either" has been spray painted on many centers and churches, along with buckets of paint, obscenities and various pro-choice taglines and threats.

The Women's Center and Mobile Care have begun taking some precautions to protect the life saving, life changing work we do. We hav

e installed new cameras and recording devices at our Center and are currently working with local police to keep us as safe as possible. We are reviewing and amending relevant procedures to ensure the safety of our staff and volunteers.

In addition, Caring Families, alongside other Pregnancy Centers in the state, are working to pressure the state government and media to not only acknowledge the growing violence but to also speak out and act against it. It our hope by bringing this issue into the light, those would be criminals and plans may be discouraged and thwarted. The actual night of the Court's decision. and the following 30 days, have also been promised violence to our centers and supporters.

Would you please keep us in your vigilant prayers. First, pray for the safety of our staff and volunteers, along with protection of our center and Mobile Van. Also keep in prayer yours and all the churches who support the work we do. Pray that the Lord keeps us all safe from any attacks. Finally, please pray for those who are against us and would attack us. Ask God to surround their hearts with His presence, and for opportunities to share the truth of what we are doing and the Love of Christ with them. We know that God and take a zealot like Paul and turn his heart towards Him!

Below is a current list of Centers, Organizations, and Churches that have been attacked to date. Feel free to share this information as much as possible. Letting the public know this is a real threat is the surest way of protecting the work we do!

Thank you for all you do helping women and their families understand that they are not alone, and are loved by God and his sons a

nd daughters here on earth.

Jeremy Bradley

Executive Director

Caring Families Pregnancy Services INC.


Women’s Hope Medical Clinic Auburn AL


St. John XXIII Church Fort Collins CO

Sacred Heart of Mary Church Boulder CO


Respect Life Office Hollywood FL


Alpha Pregnancy Center Reisterstown MD

Birthright or Fredrick MD

CARENET of Fredrick MD


St Joseph’s Church Armada MI


Mt. Avery Missionary Baptist Church Columbus Mississippi

New York

Compass Care Buffalo NY

North Carolina

Mountain Area Pregnancy Services Ashville,NC


Dove Medical Eugene OR

Northeast Portland Mother and Child Education Center

Right to Life of Oregon, Salem OR


Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center Denton TX

Loreto House Denton TX

Trotter House Rio Grande TX

Holy Rosary Church Houston TX

St. Bartholemew and St Elizabeth Anne Katy TX


First Care Women’s Health Manassas VA


Next Step Lynwood WA

Options 360 Vancouver WA

4 separate churches Calvary Chapel, Harbor Church, Saint Michael Parish, & the LDS Olympia, WA

Washington D.C.

Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center


Wisconsin Family Action

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